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At B&D Rollers, we have any type of roller you may need.

All of our products are produced from the best rubber compounds available and because we start with a quality product, we guarantee our rollers from all material defects. Also, we warranty all parts to be in conformance to any accompanying print manufacturing specifications.

We offer a full range of compounds and hardness to suit every application. Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, SBR, Hypalon, FDA, and Urethane are a few of the many coverings available. The compound to best address your requirements will always be considered when a quotation is being prepared.

We can provide rollers from small printing rollers to industrial sized rollers and pulleys, as large as 40 inches in diameter to 240 inches in length. Our Dynamic and Static Balancer, balancing 67″ in diameter, any length, and up to 4000 lbs. With our fully computerized, automatic roll system, we have complete capabilities for grinding, grooving and profile crowning of all steel and elastomer covered rollers, all under one roof.

Dynamic and Static Balancer. 67″ in diameter and any length and up to 4000 lbs.

Complete Urethane shop for molded parts and rollers

In-House Machine Shop:
We have capable machinists to custom build or repair most metal cores and journal ends, including balancing


Wide Belt Sanding, Rubber Serrated, Steel Serrated, Balancing, Gluing, Laminating, Nips and Hold Down Rollers, and others for all brand name equipment.


Sugarbeet, Potato, Bailers, Hay Conditioning Rollers, Bogie wheels and drive wheels for all brand name tractors.


Serrated, new cores large and small, all types under one roof.


Packaging Equipment Rollers, Folding Sealing, Nip, Conveyer, Impression, and others


Form, Distributor, Water, Vibrator, all Flexo Graphic rollers large and small including anilox and rubber rollers


FDA compounds are inventoried. Serrated, Diamond, Herringbone, Chevron and other patterns available.

Slip-Fit Industrial Sleeves/Tubes:

Rubber or Urethane


Sand and Gravel Pulleys, Serrated Steel, Processing, Textile, Box Board, Steel, and many other rollers

Stalk Chopper:
Chopper rolls are trued to between 1800 and 2500 rpm. Rollers are typically rebalanced and shipped back to owners within 5-7 days of receipt.

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